Committed to the Environment

Mees Demolition (Manchester) is committed to the environment, this commitment is based upon our integrated waste management strategy that supports:

  • The principles of waste minimalisation
  • Best environmental practice
  • Recycling

By maximising the amount of material that can be recycled from demolition projects, we make a major contribution to reducing the amount of waste that goes into landfill sites.

Demolition recyclables include:

  • Crushed and graded materials for reuse
  • Bricks, timber, metals, tiles and slates.

We are committed to minimising the impact of its construction activities by reusing and recycling as much waste as possible, offering a range of services according to the current legislation. Mees Reclamation Ltd, our in-house reclamation service, deal with the treatment and disposal of non-hazardous waste from our projects